A Professional Finish to Garments
November 2017

A four week workshop led by Janet Major to help us make garments that fit and that we really like. However, she described it as a tall order as each of us is individual!
Janet learned to knit and sew before she went to school and has made her own clothes for most of her life. Later she sought out industry experts and undertook extensive colour and style training to reach 'Masters' level and has a wealth of experience and qualifications.

Abundant tips and techniques were shared. Woven garments focussed on skirts with some reference to jackets and knitted garments concentrated on tops, cardigans and jumpers.

Right: Janet's fitted skirt made from fabric that she wove from Shetland wool


Week one required us to look in our wardrobe, have access to a full length mirror, a camera, a close friend and an open mind...

This helped us to evaluate good fit, scale, proportion, body line and colour

Perhaps even creating our own personal body form.


Photo: Janet Major

Recognising individual body shapes allows us to correct both sewing and knitting patterns to achieve the best fit.


Alterations to a pattern by Marja (Netherlands).


Before and after correction of a knitting pattern. (Photos by Janet Major)

Much of the workshop concentrated on planning and finishing garment, both knitted and woven, with tips how to create professional results.


This final photo shows making alterations to the neckband of a knitted garment, by Brigitte Richner (Switzerland)

Such a comprehensive course over four weeks. The topic raised queries and it will take time to give it the attention it deserves as we mull over the content of the course each in our own way, but if we just think more about planning it will have been a very worthwhile workshop. Thank you Janet.